Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back-to-School Style ~ Locker Decorating Ideas

Hey everyone!

Locker Decorating Ideas

Sorry for not posting as consistently as usual!  I just came back from an amazing vacation in Disney World and I had such a great time.  We're getting back into the swing of things again and we have plenty of great blog posts planned to help you all go back to school in style.

Today's post is really fun because it's all about decorating your locker!  I've had one since Middle School and I find it's a great way to really express yourself and store your books during the day.  Being such a girly-girl, I always love decorating my locker with fun stuff to make it really colorful and cheery to counteract a dull school day.

Keep reading to find out more!

1.  Wallpaper- I really love wallpaper in my locker because it really brightens up the bland color of the actual locker and can be customized so many different ways.  A good tip would be to get the self-adhesive kind so all you have to do is cut and stick with no fuss.  This gold paper I think looks really classy and chic!

2.  Rug- I think one of the girliest touches you can add in a locker is a nice rug.  It gives a nice warmth to your locker and can be super fun!  I like to buy a square rug sheet and then cut it accordingly.  I really love the pink furry rug because it is so girly!

3.  Mini Chandelier- A mini chandelier is the absolute perfect accessory to any girl's locker!  It probably won't light up but it is just really fun and chic to have.  You can find one at stores like Claire's.  I even saw one at Forever 21 during Christmas time as an ornament!

4.  Mirror- A magnetic mirror is absolutely ESSENTIAl to a locker.  It helps when you have to run to class but just want to quickly check up on your makeup without having to head to the bathroom. This can be a total life saver and can save you from lots of fashion disasters.

5.  Shelf- I find locker shelves are super helpful for creating lots of space in my locker.  You can easily organize your books this way and get more use out of the same amount of space.  I prefer the ones with the legs versus the ones without because they are more stable and won't slide down.

6.  Gel Window Clings- Window clings are one of my favorite things to put in a locker.  They're super easy to apply since they are already sticky and can really add a lot of color and personality.  They are just these gel stickies that come in different shapes and words that are made for windows, but can also be used on metal.  You can buy them online on Amazon or go to stores like Michael's and pick some up there.

7.  Pictures/Magazine Clippings- I usually fill my locker with LOTS of pictures.  They add the most personality to any locker and really customizes it to be yours.  You can paste fun pictures of the summer, friends, favorite bands, sports, movies, etc.  I also love pasting movie posters and fun magazine covers!

8.  Whiteboard- Whiteboards are always a ton of fun to have in a locker.  When friends visit they always leave a message and can really be customized any way you'd like.

9.  Mailbox- I always love a cute mailbox in my locker so it can catch notes that friends slip in through the locker grating.  I usually just make mine out of cardboard because I find it works best for me and is the cheapest!  DIY coming soon!

10.  Magnetic Storage Container- I find wire bins like the white ones above are really helpful for organizing my locker.  I can stick some pens in that I grab on the go when I have to run to class and some stickies so I can write quick notes to my friends.

That's it!  I hope this was helpful to you girls who need to decorate a locker this school year.  How do you decorate your locker?  Do you have any pictures of your locker for the upcoming school year?  Leave a comment and pictures below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3    


  1. Ahh such cute locker ideas!

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  2. cute! that was helpful!

  3. This rally helped I'm going to go locker deco shopping today glad I read this before!!

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