Monday, August 20, 2012

Deal Alert!~ Urban Decay at Nordstrom Rack

Hey everyone!

Today I found an AMAZING deal at Nordstrom Rack!  in the makeup section right by the cashiers I found a whole stash or Urban Decay primer potion for only $8.97!  It's originally $20 at Sephora so this is SUCH an amazing find!  It's a cult faavorite and my absolute favorite primer for long lasting eyeshadow.  I found the original which is my personal favorite and also some of the special gold shimmer primer for a brighter look.

I would go as soon as possible so you can stock up before someone else does!  To make sure they have it I'd call ahead before you make the trip.

Do you have any stellar finds?  Leave a comment down below!
xoxo  Eve :*


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! tell us what you think of it if you have it!

    2. I have it in original and it's amazing!!!!!! It really helps with the staying power of shadows :)

  2. Lol wow you stocked up but I'm going this weekend do you think they'll still have it

    1. it's an amazing deal, but that was the display in the store! we did not buy that many! we only picked up a few!