Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tag Tuesday~ 15 Beauty Questions

Happy Tuesday everyone!

15 Beauty Questions

Today I have a really fun tag to do called the 15 Beauty Questions.  I absolutely love reading and doing tags since we can all get a chance to hear some great ideas as to what people are loving and what people are hating.  I tag all of you to do it too!

Let's get started!

1)  Favorite drugstore mascara?

Ooh this is a hard one...  It's definitely hard to point to one and call it a favorite since mascaras do different things and my mascaras change so often.  If I had to choose, my favorite mascara though would have to be Great Lash LOL.  It gives amazing volume and lengthening in one coat, yet doesn't look overly done.

2)  Favorite MAC brush?

My favorite is definitely the MAC #217 brush.  It is SO fluffy and amazing for blending eyeshadows into the crease!  I'm currently on the lookout for an inexpensive dupe to it so let me know if you guys know of one!

3)  One product that you can't live without?

My Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation.  It hides any acne scars and pimples while maintaining a really natural and dewy look.  I use it everyday and just can't get enough!

4)  Worst product you ever purchased?

I've had my share of bad products, but the absolute worst one would have to be the Covergirl eye enhancers in the shades Dazzling Metallics and Berries and Cream.  They lack any pigmentation and come off as chalky, no matter what you do to them.  I can't get over their poor quality because of all the hype they get.

5)  One product that you have splurged on?

I don't splurge often, but when I do I make sure it's really worth it.  My most recent splurge was my Inglot palette.  Since I am not in NYC often, I decided to take advantage of it and buy my very first Inglot palette.  It was an amazing investment as the payoff of the shadows just cannot be topped.

6)  The worst product that you have spent a lot of money on?

If I do splurge on items I usually do lots of research beforehand so I don't make a mistake.  Therefore, I don't think I really have much in this category.  If I had to regret buying an expensive product, it would have to be the Sexy Mama translucent powder from thebalm.  It was $20 and although it's not bad, it doesn't do anything especially different from my Physician's formula powder!

7)  Your favorite lipgloss?

My favorite gloss is LeGloss by L'Oreal.  Mine is in the shade Pink Amethyst and is this beautiful pink/gold color.  It's really not sticky and has some beautiful pigmentation!  Not to mention, it smells like caramel!

8)  Number one skincare line?

I really like Neutrogena.  I use their grapefruit acne wash daily and it really helps to prevent acne and cleanses my face amazingly.

9)  The one thing you wish you didn't have to buy?

Nail polish remover.  I feel like I run through it SO quickly that I'm just constantly buying more and more.  Plus is smells bad and isn't nearly as fun as doing your nails!

10)  Rush through your makeup or cherish every moment?

Definitely a mix for me.  If I have hours, I will literally take those hours and use them to do every step of my makeup super carefully.  Other days I have to run out of the house so I slap on a little foundation and mascara and go!

11)  Favorite part of putting on your makeup?

I LOVE seeing the transformation from blah to fabulous!  I love enhancing my natural features and really bringing out what I like best in myself versus hiding the flaws.

12)  Sephora or makeup counters?

I'm definitely a Sephora girl.  I find makeup counters can be a little stingy and there's always a lot of pressure for you to buy something.  On the other hand, Sephora allows you to roam free on your own and test out the products easily, or you can also seek professional help so there is the best of both worlds.

13)  Do you buy products that have been tested on animals?

 I really try not to.  I absolutely love animals so I always try to buy products with that animal cruelty-free bunny haha.

14)  Lipgloss or lipstick?

I love both but if I had to choose I would go with lipgloss since it can be worn casually and formally.  It gives a wonderful shine to your lips that makes them look healthy and radiant.

15)  When did you start wearing makeup?

As a dancer, I wore makeup from a very young age.  I remember always putting on red lipstick for dance shows and maybe a bit of blush.   However, I started really wearing makeup everyday in the 9th grade.  It just grew on me and I started to want to know more and more about different products because they all looked really gorgeous!

I hope you girls enjoyed this tag!  Leave a comment down below if you did this tag!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3


  1. I love this tag!


  2. i really want to try the neutrogena foundation, but only neutrogena skincare is sold in the uk, i've never seen any of the makeup :(

    1. aww maybe you can get it online on sites like Ulta, Amazon, or cherrycouture!

  3. Oh my gosh! I've got to do this tag sometime! :) I love it!