Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back-to-School Styles ~ Cute Backpacks!

Hey girls!

Back to School Backpacks

Today I have a super helpful post for you girls going back to school soon!  Even though I hate to see summer coming to an end, it's always exciting to put your best foot forward and go to school in style!  That's why Eve and I deciced to create a fun back-to-school series for you girls wanting to make a great impression in your upcoming school year.

I know many girls love tote bags to carry around their books in school.  I love them too, but today's post is going to be about the practical backpack that can be totally stylish.  I personally carry a backpack because it is so much better for your shoulders, especially if you are planning on carrying heavy textbooks and binders.  Every year I always have a dilema as to which backpack to get because sometimes I'm stuck and can't find a cute one!  To help you guys out this year, I decided to compile a bunch of adorable backpacks that I found that woul definitely rock the hallways.

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Rucksack bag

This first bag is one of my all-time favorites!  While it can't hold more than two binders and a notebook, it definitely is so hipster-chic!  The mustache is such an adorable, unexpected touch and the canvas color will match with practically anything you wear.

Billabong leaf bag

I am really loving this backpack because of the tribal prints!  Bright tribal prints are in right now, so why not rock them on your backpack!  It's super colorful so it'll definitely be an eye-catching piece to your wardrobe.

Madewell sling bag

I like this bag because it is just really simple and doesn't look too try-hard.  It's really laid back and great for someone who loves to dress casually for school.

Wet Seal canvas backpack

I totally LOVE this bag!  It's such a cute twist on the regular backpack but can still carry all of your books.  It is so adorable and can literally match with anything!  This is one of my favorite style of backpacks because it can be dressed up or down.

Victoria's Secret drawstring backpack bag

This bag is a lot like the canvas backpack above, but hot pink!  The PINK logo is also a really cute touch.  Not to mention, it can carry a ton more books than most backpacks.

American Apparel denim bag
$57 -

I think that this denim bag is really cute because of the denim pattern.  It allows it to match with any outfit you wear from shorts to dresses!  The simple style of it is also super cute.

Denim bag

I love this denim bag because it has a small but cute pattern that adds a little fun to the style.  This one can also match with just about anything.

Tribal Backpack

To show off the tribal print again, this back incorperates it into a classic canvas style.  I love how bright and bold it is and it will really attract a lot of attention in a dull hallway.

Jansport backpack,,

Even though they're so simple, I love Jansport backpacks.  They carry a ton and you can get them in a million different colors.  The white is perfect for decorating, but the other colors are also really practical.  No matter which color you choose, it is bound to match whatever you wear.

L.L.Bean Original Book Pack

Finally, there is the classic LL Bean backpack.  Some people might not find it totally cute, but they really do match with everything, no matter what style!  My favorite colors are the navy and baby pink because they are simple, yet cute.  I also love putting my inititals on for a personal touch!

That's it!  I hope this post was super helpful to you guys on the search for a cute backpack for the school year.  What is your favorite style this year for backpacks?  Do you prefer backpacks or tote bags?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3


  1. I love all of these backpacks and I will definitely be getting one for back to school. I used to carry a tote but my ballet instructor noticed that one of my shoulders was lower than the other therefore curving my spine because I would always carry a heavy tote around school. So this year I decided to not cause myself any more medical problems and carry a backpack.

    1. great idea, I totally agree! I carry around a TON of books and it just wouldn't be healthy for me to carry a tote bag in school. So glad I could help!:)

  2. I love them!

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  4. Defintley love the mustache bag! Thanks for the ideas