Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY ~ Hobo Bag (No sewing required!)

Hey everyone!

Today I have a SUPER simple idea for you guys to try out if you forget your bag on vacation, want to run on some quick errands, or don't want to carry your best bag to the beach.  It was so helpful when I forgot my bag on vacation once.  Before we get into that though, just a quick reminder that our 1 month giveaway is closing tonight at 12 AM so this is your last chance to enter!  We will be using to choose and will be posting the winner in a special post within the next two days!

With that being said, let's get started!

You will Need:

Any tank top that has an even bottom
Mine is from H&M and was about $12

Step 1:

Turn the tank inside out

Step 2:

Tie the bottom together with both ends and double knot.

Step 3:

Turn it right side in and put your arms through the shoulder straps!

You're finished!

I totally love a casual hobo bag for the summer because it gives a relaxed vibe and is great for going on simple outings.  This can be a total lifesaver, especially if you need a quick makeshift bag to hold some goodies!  Have you girls ever used your clothing to make something totally different?  What is your favorite way to wear a hobo bag?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3


  1. This is such a good idea!! When i first saw the picture, I had no idea it was a shirt! Btw, when will you be anouncing the giveaway winner? :)

    1. thank you! the giveaway winner should be up by tonight!:)