Saturday, August 4, 2012

Guide to Bargain Shopping

Hey girls! We're back in the swing of things now that the giveaway is over--a special congratulations to Hanna Lee!

As you all know, from the title of our blog, we love bargain shopping! There are a few tips to keep in mind when you're hunting for deals, and even though they're well known, I want to tell you my personal experience!

  1. Know how often you shop! If you shop once a month, or once a week, it's always good to know how often you shop! If you get to the point where you can't keep track of which stores you went to, you know you're shopping to much! 
  2. Limit yourself! I set my limit to no more than 5 pieces per store. If it's shoes, clothing, or decorations for my room, I don't buy more than 5 at any store because I know I won't get good use out of them!
  3. Don't shop just to shop! You should go into a store looking for what you want, and with a budget! Going into stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Marshall's, or TJMaxx is dangerous because you can find so many things you want, but don't need!
  4. There's no such thing as out of season! Just because a tag at Marshall's or TJMaxx says it's out of season, it doesn't mean it isn't fashionable! The color might be discontinued, or the collection might be last season's but it's still the same style and cut!
  5. Always shop the sale section! I don't frequently go to the mall, but when I do, I always shop the sale section at JCrew, Urban Outfitters etc. The prices can be comparable to Forever 21 and they're still just as cute! Even in discount stores or less expensive ones, shopping the sales will get you the best deals!
  6. Outlets are your friends! Even though most outlets are out in the middle of nowhere, it's definitely worth it to plan a few trips a year! I've tried going to the outlets at all times of the year, but it's only worth the gas money if it's the outlet price with an additional sale! I've found the best times are the Fourth of July, Black Friday, and the week between Christmas and New Year's.
  7. Stock up on basics! Don't wait until your basics have holes in them or are falling apart! Buy quality basic pieces on sale! They'll be a fraction of the price and you'll always have them handy! You're never going to have to go searching for a white v-neck or black leggings again!
  8. DIY the trends! Channel your crafty side and learn how to sew! Hemming a shirt is as easy as it looks, it's much more convenient to buy a shirt from Forever 21 and hem it than go to Nordstrom. The new army candy trend is also perfect! Beading and braiding is super fashionable!
  9. Find dupes! Stores like Forever 21 have copycats and dupes weeks after the originals come out! There are usually more colors and the material isn't bad! Don't fall into the brand-name warp hole! Eyeshadow colors and eyeliners have dupes all over the place! And brushes come from every brand at the drugstore! 
  10. Pay for the quality! Things like leather goods (belts, bags, shoes) and high quality cotton and cashmere can't be duped! However, you can find high quality belts, shoes and boots, and sweaters at the outlets, TJMaxx, Marshall's and Nordstrom Rack. I have leather belts for 7 dollars, a pair of Uggs for 30 dollars and a leather Valentino bag for 35 dollars!
Using these tips and tricks any time soon? Have any of your own? Leave your questions, comments, and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*


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