Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kaylie's Lookbook ~ First day of School

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you guys some cute back to school outfit ideas that you could get inspiration from.  It's always fun to dress for success on the first day because it gives everyone their first impression of the new you!  When dressing for school it's important to stay with the trends, yet still look semi-casual and not to over done.

Outfit #1

This first look is one of my favorites.  It is for the girl that goes to school in a hot climate, but her school can get a little cold.  It is really simple but girly look.  The bright colors on the scarf make it so on trend.  To make this outfit I got this dark blue short-sleeve top from Forever 21 that I actually got on sale for about half off.  I chose my Abercrombie dark washed denim shorts to go under. I love how they're short-shorts because it really adds some contrast to the heavy scarf.  However, if your school has a dress code, some high-waisted shorts would look cute too.  Then I added the star-piece to the outfit, the scarf.  I got it for $9.80 at Forever 21 and I absolutely love it!  It's this sheer texture that won't make you too hot and the vibrant colors really attract attention.

To see more outfits, read more!

Outfit #2

This next outfit is for the girly-girl who wants to add a little twist to her usual floral ensemble.  I first took a basic tan tank from Forever 21 that is only $2.80!  I layered a cream-colored vest from American Rag (Sold at Macy's) over that so it fits in dress-code with the straps needing to be an inch thick.  Then to put a twist on things I tucked both the tank top AND the vest underneath a bright floral skirt from Abercrombie.  This really cinches in your waist and incorporates floral without being too over the top.  I'd usually put a thick brown belt with the skirt but since this one already has a thick red strap, it's not necessary.  Then I just added a braided golden bracelet that I made myself to match the tank top!

Outfit #3

This outfit is for the edgy girl that wants to play her feminine side, but still look pretty casual.  I used this simple sundress that I got at H&M for around $12 and then layered a simple denim vest on top of that.  I absolutely LOVE denim  this season because they go with so many things and can make anything casual.  I've been on the hunt for one forever and finally decided on this one from Delia's that was about $30.  I love it because it is cropped so it is not as heavy as longer ones and can be paired with light things like dresses and skirts.  This look totally demands attention!

Look #4

This final outfit is for a really casual look for back to school that doesn't make it look like you tried too hard.  This shirt was really hard to photograph but it is this beautiful maroon sheer shirt that has a gorgeous high-low hemline.  I then paired these light-washed denim shorts from Forever 21 that are high waisted so that they can be seen below the high hemline in the shorts.

I hope this helped all of you girls going back to school!  What is your favorite look to wear for the first day of school?  Which of these outfits is your favorite?  Leave a comment down below!<3

xoxo  Kaylie  <3