Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kaylie's July Favorites

Hey everyone!

Kaylie's July Favorites

Today I''m super excited to share my July Favorites to share with you guys!  I hope everyone had a GREAT July!  I had so much fun traveling and hanging out with friends this summer, it's sad to see half of it go!  I've discovered and re-discovered some amazing products this month that I think you guys might enjoy also!

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Mustache ring- OMG I'm obsessed with my mustache ring!  I picked in up in NYC at Brandy Melville and absolutely adore it!  It gives a hidden, but quirky look to any outfit.  I love it with a pair of skinnies and a tank top!
Maybelline Mega Plush mascara- I am totally loving this mascara for the summer!  When it's super hot outisde I like to just go for a natural look that gives definition to my eyes without being clumpy or over dramatic.

Nyx blush in Angel- I featured this blush in my MFBB post and I totally love it!  It goes so well for a natural look and makes it look like you're flushed for the summer!

Wet n Wild black eyeliner- This eyeliner is seriously one of my must haves!  It's great for tight lining and lining the waterline because it transfers SO easily!  The $0.99 price tag doesn't hurt either!

NYC Sunny Bronzer- I love bronzer for a sunkissed glow look in the summer and this one is just perfect.  It's matte which gives a natural finish and isn't too brown or orange!  I also like to contour with it because it is so natural looking but very pigmented.

Revlon Age Defying Foundation- While I love my Neutrogena foundation, I've been gravitating to this one most this month because it gives me the most dewy look.  I really love it because it lasts a long time and has a natural, summer glow to it.

Wet Brush- A wet brush is a must-have for the summer!  It detangles wet hair from the beach and is always in my bag!  It leaves me with smooth, tangle-free hair in five seconds!
Smith's Rosebud Salve- Once again, the Smith's Rosebud Salve is in my favorites because it is just amazing!  It takes away any dryness in my lips and leaves them soft and moisturized, despite the summer sun.
Eco tools- My favorite brushes have been the Eco Tools brushes that I got in this 5 set.  I use every one because they are super soft and well-made.  Not to mention, they are so affordable and can be found in drugstores and even Whole Foods!  Totally love these!

I hope this helped anyone looking for some great new products to use for the summer!  I use these things on a daily basis and they are so great for creating a really lovely summer look.  Have you ever tried any of these products?  What are your favorites for July?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3


  1. Oh my goodness! I love that mascara too! :) I also have almost every Wet n' Wild eyeliner, they're so affordable and such good quality.

    1. thanks so much! haha and I love WNW too because the quality is just amazing!<3

  2. I really want to try the NYX blush! It looks gorgeous!

    1. it really is! you can get it online on amazon or places like Ulta and Harmon's.