Monday, June 25, 2012

Drugstore Review ~ Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer in Light

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is LOVING the summer--I sure am!  Today I have a review on one of my concealers, Hard Candy's Glamoflauge.  With the summer heat I find my skin gets super oily and starts to clog my pores, developing those terrible pimples that we all can't stand.  This concealer is super nice for covering up blackheads and any other imperfections, as it is originally made for concealing tattoos!  How cool is that?

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Price:  $6.00
Packaging:  3/5
Overall:  3.5/5

Claim to Fame:  "A heavy duty, highly pigmented, multi - use concealer that delivers ultimate coverage.  The formula blends seamlessly into skin with plenty of play time creating a flawless and natural look perfect for any occasion."


To be honest, I'm not in LOVE with the packaging.  I think the tube makes it pretty sterile if you compare it to something like Benefit's Erase Paste since you aren't constantly dipping your fingers into the same product.  However, the squeeze tube also makes it easy to make a mess by over squeezing or accidentally leaving the lid off and pressing on the tube..

Settling:  Contrary to what they state, I find that the concealer does settle into fine lines.  This makes it unideal for under-eye coverage if you do have fine lines.  Also, if your pimples are quite profound from the skin it can unpleasantly outline the pimple.  However, this is a good concealer for birth marks and scars from pimples that are flat on the skin.

Partially blended - A little goes a long way!
Fully blended

Coverage:  The coverage is pretty good.  If you let it dry in between coats, it can be beautifully layered for excellent coverage!

3 Eyeliner marks drawn on by WNW Pencils

Concealer blended over eyeliner

  • With layering, this concealer can provide good coverage!
  • A little goes a VERY long way - Only a dot of it can cover half your fac.
  • Price is affordable for the quality of the concealer.

  • Limiting shades!  Only 3 available, making it hard for everyone to find their right shade.
  • Hard to find!  I have only seen this the one time I picked it up in a massive Wal-Mart.  Otherwise, it seems nearly impossible to find.
  • Can settle and enhance fine lines.

Honestly, with the amount of product that comes in the bottle and the amount you actually need for coverage, this bottle will probably last me years so I won't have to repurchase.  However, it I did happen to run out I can still see myself purchasing this product despite the cons.  The price makes it super affordable and I can get so many uses out of it so that it still seems worth it.

What is your favorite concealer?  Do you have any must have products for the summer?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3

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  1. how to the 3 shades work with mac foundation shades? I'm a nc35 which shade would work for me? thanks kaylie!