Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Deceiving Dupes ~ Essie Super Bossa Nova vs Wet n Wild Frosted Fuchsia

Hello beauties!

Last summer, Essie came out with this gorgeous shade that I just had to get my hands on called, Super Bossa Nova.  It is a vibrant pink with blue reflects when the light hits.  I absolutely love wearing this shade to the beach with a tan or to a summer party.  This collection was limited edition though and now this shade is terribly hard to find.  Not to mention, I payed the full price at $9.00 for the bottle!  However, I found an amazing dupe that is easily accessible at the drug store for a fraction of the price.

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Wet n wild has this wild shine nail polish collection that I've seen being sold at Rite Aid, Duane Reade,  CVS, and beauty supply stores.  The most amazing part though is the price!  For only $0.99 (Or $0.59 if you can find it on a 40% off sale) I've found an identical match to my beloved Super Bossa Nova.

Shade:  The two polishes are so alike in shade, I can hardly tell the difference.  They both have this dark pink-purple tone that complements a tan really nicely.

Essie Super Bossa Nova

Wet n Wild Frosted Fuchsia

Side by Side Comparison

Reflect:  Again, both polishes are super similar in this category.  They are not matte polishes and reflect light beautifully.  As mentioned before, both have a gorgeous blue reflect in the bottle on the nail.  However, if you look extremely close, you might be able to notice that WNW's Frosted Fuchsia has a bit more of a reflect to it.

Left, Essie Super Bossa Nova  Right, WNW Frosted Fuchsia

Application:  Both polishes were pretty easy to apply.  While I always like my Essie brush, WNW wasn't too bad.  The only thing is that the WNW brush does pick up quite a bit of product so I always have to be careful about over applying!

Top - Wet n Wild, Bottom - Essie
Staying Power:  This is where the polishes differ.  Although this is not always true, in this case what you pay is what you get.  While the WNW polish will last at least 3 days, it chips really easily with no top coat.  Meanwhile, I love Essie for it's amazing quality and I always notice that their polishes can last me over a week even without a top coat.

Overall, for the price I think WNW Frosted Fuchsia is a great dupe for Essie Super Bossa Nova.  Whether you don't want to pay the high price tag or are just on a hunt for Super Bossa Nova, WNW is a great substitute.

What do you think of this dupe?  Know any fantastic dupes yourself?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3


  1. those are such pretty colors!
    if I said that I've found any dupes myself, I'd be lying--lol I know all of my dupes from blogs and youtube!!


    1. thank you so much! haha I just found these dupes totally by accident:)