Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Jewelry!

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for jewelry!  There are so many fun events and places to show off your favorite pieces.  Jewelry is one of my favorite things to dress up an outfit.  However, I still love a few casual pieces to accompany an outfit for the beach or a shopping trip.

I absolutely ADORE my Michael Kors watch in rose gold.  It's a staple piece in my wardrobe that literally matches with everything!  I love how I can wear this with a really fancy dress to a dinner or with a t-shirt and jean shorts for a more casual look.  For a less expensive option but the same look, Fossil makes watches that look very similar and are lighter on the wrist.

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This bangle is super cute for the summertime.  I am a huge fanatic for Forever 21 Jewelry.  It gives on trend pieces for the season for a fantastic price that won't make you cringe when it goes out of style!  This thick golden bangle pairs fabulously for a beach day with a bright bikini under a white cover up.  I can also see it paired with a bright pink top and dark washed shorts with casual sandals.

I also found this piece at Forever 21 for a great price!  This bracelet is super cute with a sundress and floppy hat or a casual t-shirt!

One of my MUST haves for the summer is a nautical necklace!  I absolutely love the look for the summer, especially with a plain t-shirt and shorts.  It can goes really nicely with nautical colors like dark blue, red, and white.

One of my favorite trends for the summer is layering bracelets.  I can definitely see it in the mall or on the beach!  Finding a couple of bracelets that stack nicely and have coordinating colors can really add to an outfit.  I love pairing these with casual jean shorts.  I've seen some stackable bracelets at Nordstrom and H&M.  Mine were super inexpensive because I found them at a Hollister outlet where they were selling for about 50% off plus a buy one get one free deal.  If you have a chance to get your hands on a Hollister outlet, I would definitely check these out!

For the summer, I cannot get enough of charm bracelets!  They are super cute and girly, perfect for a trip to the mall with the girls or an evening out.  I just picked up this Juicy Couture charm the other day at Macy's.  They had a great sale section where I was able to snag this charm for 30% off!  The bright colors are perfect for summer!

For the sporty girl, this watch is a must have.  I've heard all of these theories about this watch lowering anxiety or what-not, but I just like this bracelet for the sake of its practicality.  In the summer I always love to go out and play a game of tennis.  This watch is water resistant and perfect for those hot days with some friends.  I can definitely see this on an active girl with athletic shorts and running sneakers.

What are your favorite jewelry pieces for the summer?  Any must haves?  Leave a comment below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3


  1. I wish I had a Michael Kors watch :( Yours is so pretty. I really like your blog, check out mine if you have time and follow if you'd like

    1. aww haha thanks so much! I found mine on a rare sale at Macy's. They have an anniversary sale for 25% off all designers including Michael Kors so maybe you can get it then!

  2. I have started to sell some Jewellery online, it is cheap and cheerful and very fashionable and chic! Please have a look.

  3. can you girls show us your charm collection from juicy? I'm an avid collector and I'm sooo curious!