Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Sun Tag!

Hey girls! Welcome back! As you can see from the title, this is going to be my first tag! I've been watching these on YouTube and I am beyond excited to share some products with you! I have been going back to these products repetitively and had such a fun time putting this together for all of you! These are the products that I LOVE for the season of summer, but I will also have my June favorites up  to show the products I've purchased that I love, or that I've been going back to over and over again in June.

I've been loving the trends that have been taking over this summer! The tousled hair, natural lashes, bare skin, bright shorts, neon nails and laid back-surfer vibe are making a statement! It makes for a simple and comfortable summer. I couldn't ask for more!

Don't miss out! Keep scrolling to see my personal picks!

Summer Sun Tag Questions!
Hair Product
Body Product
Skincare Product
Face Product
Self Tanner
Nail Polish
Eye Product

My Picks!

Hair Product- TreSemme Heat Tamer Spray
Not only is this product my favorite to protect my hair when I'm straightening or curling it, I also love it to protect my natural hair in the summer. I'm a get up and go kind of girl, so I comb my hair and spray some of this in and I don't have to worry about scorching my hair in the sun!

Body Product- Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream in Sweet Pea
My skin gets super dry after being out in the sun a lot, to replenish it, I use this lotion every night and it keep my legs feeling soft and supple! However, on special occasions when I burn, I use my aloe lotion.

Skincare Product- Ponds Cold Cream
This stuff is a miracle worker! If I have a dry spot on my skin, which I get from being in the sun too much, this stuff nurtures it in an instant! And on top of that, it takes off makeup like a dream! Even waterproof mascara. It's much less worry than carrying around towlette's or wipes and is totally travel friendly! I always carry this with me if I'm going to a friends house or going on vacation!

Face Product- Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation
I like to wear minimal makeup in the summer, but throughout the day, I don't like reapplying sun screen and my face does tend to oil up. This is the only piece of makeup I keep with me throughout the day and I reapply it to absorb oil and to protect my face from the sun.

Self Tanner/ Bronzer- Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Princess
I personally don't like using self tanners because they're too high maintenance and have too many flaws. I prefer to stick with my shimmery bronzer in the summer. I don't apply this to my face because I don't like having an overly shimmery face, I use the NYC Smooth Skin for that, I apply this down my chest and shoulders to catch the light and give me a bronzed look.

Scent- Degree Natural Effects Orange Flower Cranberry
If you know me, I'm always the girl who smells like a candy store. I love sweet, fruity scents and I have been reaching for my Degree body spray in the past few months. I originally bought this years ago to spray in my gym locker, but I've rediscovered this and the scent is fruity, yet sophisticated. The 3 ounce bottle is perfect for carrying around and the scent just never gets old!

Nail Polish- Sinful Colors in 24/7 
I love the neon trend, but I don't want to go around spending all my money of clothes that will only last a season. I opted for buying some neon nail polishes instead, of course on sale at the drugstore. My favorite one recently has been the Sinful Colors polish in 24/7. The perfect neon pink! I've also had my eye on the American Apparel neon nail polishes. I'll check those out too!

Eye Product- Maybelline Volum' Express One by One Waterproof Mascara
I've been sporting the bare face look lately, with the powder I mentioned earlier and this light mascara. This mascara defines and lengthens but doesn't volumize like other Maybelline mascaras. It gives a natural, brightened look without looking fake. The waterproof formula also eliminates the possibility of a makeup meltdown! Perfect for the summer! For some added drama, I layer the L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black WaterProof on top. 

Clothing- Colored shorts! (Orange- Guess, Red- Forever 21, Blue- Delia's)
Like I mentioned in my recent StyleSunday post, I love making the statement with my bottoms! On a daily basis I wear colored shorts with a basic neutral top and a bright belt, or even another bright color to rock the color blocking trend! Either way, the look is adorable! My motto is be daring for the summer! No regrets when looking back. I'm trying everything!

Accessory- Report sunglasses from Marshall's
I found these sunglasses at Marshall's last year for $3.00 on sale and I bought them without hesitation. They look remarkably similar to the Ray-Ban wayfarers and fit my face shape better than the originals! Obviously, they protect my eyes from the sun and since they're so compact, they fit in any purse.

Do we have any favorites in common? I want to know your go-to summer products! Save you from a summer disaster today? Leave your rescue story, questions, comments, and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*

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  1. your pictures are so cutue! can you do a styling outfit with the sunglasses?

  2. thank you! i definitely will! i wear them nonstop!

    come back to our blog more more!

  3. I didn't know you could use the heat tamer spray for protecting from the sun! :) That would be helpful for me because, i just colored my hair!:) Check out my summer sun tag!? I fliming in about a minute my channel is jewels7011

    1. same!! i learned that from my friend! Instead of frying your hair, it gets to the heat tamer which is covering it! you can definitely see the difference!

      i'll check out your channel! thanks for coming to our blog!

  4. I love all of those things especially the heat protecter!

  5. these are all very nice

    1. thanks! they're my absolute favorites!

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