Thursday, June 28, 2012

NYC Bound~ Eve's Beauty Haul

Welcome to Part 2 of my NYC damage! I couldn't fit all my fashion and beauty purchases in one haul so I decided to break it up into twice the fun! Although I went to Inglot, Sephora, Duane Reade and CVS, I only purchased makeup from CVS and surprisingly enough, purchased some skincare items from Forever 21!

In Forever 21, I could've done some serious damage in the skincare section, but I restrained myself and limited myself to face masks. You should've seen me in the store! I was walking around with 10 or more face masks, nose pore strips, eyeshadows, nail polishes... it was crazy! I've been interested in trying out some asian beauty products and I saw that these face masks were made in Korea! I haven't seen these at my store an I decided to get 1 of each kind just to try it out. I will order more online if I really like them! Reviews are on the way!

The glitter and sparkles await you!

Keep reading to see more!

I'm sure you know that I was extremely temped to splurge and Sephora and Inglot, but I knew that I didn't need anymore makeup. I wanted the Covergirl and Olay blushes at Walgreens because they were on sale, but none of the colors seemed that appealing, but I regret not picking 1 up to test it out! 

However, I follow Nouveau Cheap's blog and I saw that the CVS sale was going on as we were in NYC! Being the makeup junkies we are, we spent over an hour in CVS, but it was quite a challenge because not a lot of sale products were marked.

I do regret some of my purchases because I didn't look at reviews of them, but I'm still happy I went!

I purchased 2 Covergirl trios, in Dazzling Metallics and Firecracker. I was underwhelmed with these. Although they were only $3.24 50% off, they are not pigmented at all and are extremely chalky. The Dazzling Metallics trio is slightly better and is usable, but the Firecracker trio is not usable. Unfortunately, sale items could not be returned. These will be coming up in another post later with swatches and an in depth review. 

Next, I found the L'oreal Hip Studio Secrets Professional metallic shadow duo in Ignited. This duo is amazing! It's comparable to Too Faced, Urban Decay and Smashbox, and are a tie with my favorite Wet n Wild eyeshadows. I regret not purchasing more of these, because even though the shadows are small, the colors are creamy, super pigmented and very unique! I can't find Wet n Wild colors similar to this! I wish I picked up more of these when they were on sale, but I will surely buy more in the future! Stay tuned for a tutorial or review on this soon!

Eeek! Sorry for the bad lighting on the last two pics! Better quality pictures will be up on their reviews!

I hope you guys enjoyed these hauls as much as I did making them! This experience was truly extraordinary and the real life experience surpasses any picture or dream I ever imagined! If you have any tips for the city in the future or have any questions of your own feel free to leave them down below! Save you from a shopping disaster today? Leave your rescue story, questions, comments, and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*

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