Monday, June 18, 2012

Eyeliner Collection!

Hello my lovelies!! As I promised, I will have collection posts coming, and to kick them of... drumroll please... EYELINERS! I'm definitely and eyeliner girl. Most girls say they feel the most refreshed with mascara on, but I think a swipe of eyeliner is a complete look! I do a lot of research before buying my products, although they are inexpensive, so these are definitely my favorites! 

Pencil Eyeliners- 

The Wet n Wild eyeliners are definitely some of my favorites! They're dirt cheap at $0.99 US at the drugstore and there are sales all the time! I was skeptical about them first because since when can 99 cents buy you quality good? But I've learnt not to judge a book by it's cover! Keep your eye out to get the most bang for your buck! Put the colorful eyeliner on my water line for a pop of color as well as the white to open up my eyes, and the black goes on my tightline and smudged into my lashes to give them a full, defined look! These can be found at any drugstore or makeup supply store.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliners in Amethyst, Sky Blue, Olive, White and Black Black

Swatches in order from top to bottom: Amethyst, Sky Blue, Olive, White and Black Black

More to come after the jump!

I have 3 miscellaneous eyeliners that were purchased before I discovered the Wet n Wild eyeliners, and although they're a bit more expensive, they have different purposes and deserve their spot in my collection!
Jordana Easyliner for Eyes in Sterling Blue, Jane OneLiners in Blackline, and Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Passion

The Jordana eyeliner is a bright blue that brings out any eye color! It goes on super creamy with no dragging. I love wearing this for cheer because it makes a huge statement! If your school color is blue, I would recommend picking this up! The only place I've seen this is at Walgreens for $1.99.

Jordana Easyliner for Eyes in Sterling Blue

This eyeliner was one of my first, but I believe this brand has been discontinued. I keep telling myself I should've stocked up when I could! It gives a dark precise black line perfect for the tightline, waterline, or smudging on the lash line! It has a little more staying power than the Wet n Wild eyeliner, but the Wet n Wild is a good replacement for the Jane. I believe this was around $4.00 when I bought it.

Jane OneLiners in 12 Blackline

This last pencil eyeliner is a cult favorite, but I feel like the Wet n Wild, Jane and Jordana are better. The pencil is a little less creamy than the other ones, and the color is not as pigmented. You have to warm it up before using it. However, I haven't found a color to replace it yet, which is why I still use it. It's a deep, rich, matte plum color that brings out all eye colors! This can be purchased at any drugstore for around $6.00 US or at Walmart or Target for cheaper.

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Passion

Liquid Eyeliners

When I'm going out or want a more defined look, I reach for my liquid eyeliners. When I did cheer, I would wing out the NYC eyeliner to define and open my eyes. However, for a softer look, the purple still does the job! You have to remember to shake up the Wet n Wild eyeliner before applying to get the  rich purple color, however I sometimes purposely don't to go for a light wash of color. Both eyeliners are $2.99 and you can always find them on sale! An amazing deal! You  have to go try these out!

New York Color (NYC) Liquid Eyeliner in 887 Black and Wet n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in 864 Plum

Brush of the New York Color (NYC) Liquid Eyeliner in 887 Black

Wet n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in 864 Plum

Swatches of all the eyeliners
Far left- Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Passion, Jane OneLiners in 12 Blackline, and Jordana Easyliner for Eyes in Sterling Blue
Top to Bottom- Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliners in Amethyst, Sky Blue, Olive, White and Black Black and New York Color (NYC) Liquid Eyeliner in 887 Black and Wet n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in 864 Plum

Did you guys find something that you like? Scope out your drugstores for some deals and get your hands on these! Save you from a makeup disaster today? Leave your rescue story, questions, comments and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*

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  1. have you guys tried cream eyeliner? I heard the wet n wild one is good.

    when you get a chance, can you recommend a brush for cream eyeliner?

    thanks girls! you're the best!

    1. i actually do have the wet n wild eyeliner, but I have get to use it, when I get a hang of it, i'll do a post with it and the brush i use!

      thank you so much for visiting our blog! it means a lot!

  2. Do you have a youtube channel? I really love your blog, and wanted to know if you had one!

    1. we're thinking about it, but as of now, we are going to focus on our blog. i do have a twitter though, and i tweet fashion and makeup pictures all the time. it's @evelynSOS

      thanks for coming to our blog though! follow if you want to see more!

  3. Thank yo so much! I'm going to get the jordana eyeliner in sterling blue! I have blue eyes and i love to show them off! :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! I just found it today! Do you do youtube videos? I do my channel name is jewels7011!

    1. you should definitely take a good look at those jordana eyeliners! they're an undiscovered treasure!

      thanks for coming to our blog! we love viewers like you who comment and tell us about themselves! follow us for updates!

      we actually don't have a youtube, we're focusing on our blog for now! and i will check out your channel!