Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drugstore Review ~ Wet Brush

Hey everyone!

Today I'm SUPER excited to share with you guys my absolute favorite hair product of this season!  With all of this pool and beach weather lately, there's no doubt that many of you have decided to take a quick swim and have fun.  However, when I come out of the pool I always find that my hair has numerous tangles and knots that are unattractive for post-beach activities and hard to get out with a regular brush due to all of the pulling.  My wet hair always seems to tangle a brush in the hair since it easily tangles.  This new brush is the ultimate solution to combating those hair problems any time of the year!

Keep reading to find out the details!

Price:  $7.99
Overall:  5/5

Claim to Fame:  "Soft flexible bristles detangle hair with ease."

How it Works:  

The bristles are noticeably longer and definitely more flexible than an average brush.  This makes it easy to take out tangles without the pain as it effortlessly runs through the hair.  The bristles are hard enough so that they can take out the tangle, but soft enough so that they don't pull.  This allows the brush to also be used when wet since it is gentler on the hair and will not tangle.

  • Effortlessly detangles hair!
  • Takes minimum time to detangle.
  • Can easily run through wet hair without getting tangled in comb.
  • Super easy to use.
  • Affordable price for the quality and versatility of the brush.
  • Lots of colors - Pink, yellow, black, etc.  so there's enough variety for everyone.
  • Convenient size that can easily be thrown into a beach bag or travel makeup bag.

Size Comparison to a Conair Paddle Brush

  • Only can be found in limited locations.  They are definitely online on Amazon, but I found mine in store at my local Harmon's.  I've also heard they might be available at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I'd call your nearest location to check before making the trip.


There's no doubt that if I ever needed another brush, I would definitely repurchase.  This is now my go-to brush and has kept my hair silky smooth and straight.  It makes my hair amazing for braiding and styling without tangles and makes my hair presentable for a night after the pool.  This brush is one of my loves for the season.  If you can get your hands on this brush, I definitely would - You won't regret it!

Have you ever tried the Wet Brush before?  Do you have any questions about how it works?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3

FTD Disclaimer:  This post was not sponsored in any way.


  1. this sounds like a dream! my hairs been extremely tangly because of the heat and I would get good use out of it! can you show an up close picture of the bristles?