Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WorkoutWednesday ~ Healthy Ice Cream

Hey girls! Sorry for the delays in my posts! Today is the official start of WorkoutWednesday! Can I get a WOOTWOOT? So how many of your girls love that mid-summer milkshake or sundae? I know you all have your hands up, well, I am sure a guilty culprit of ice cream, but I found a healthy alternative to the Haagen Dazs, Coldstone, Ben and Jerry's, Baskin Robbins or whatever ice cream you prefer, because this one will HELP you get your summer bikini bod!

To get the inside SCOOP on this ice cream, keep reading!

Have you guys heard of Skinny Cow? They make candy bars, granola bars, and, of course, ICE CREAM. I buy this ice cream at Costco in packages of 24- 12 Cookies n Cream and 12 Vanilla. I personally prefer vanilla, plus it has 10 less calories than Cookies n Cream!

Skinny cow exudes customer awareness! They should be the epitome of customer satisfaction. They take the time to make this adorable design on the package and just look at the barcode! It's a cow spot! This is even in the WeightWatchers program. 4 points might seem like a lot, but compared to other ice creams, it's a miracle! P.S. I think this tastes even better.

Here's the nutrition facts and ingredients. As you can see, they're super healthy and supplement your diet with fiber, protein, calcium and iron while it's only 140 calories! That's like eating 1 topping's worth of gummy bears. This is definitely not your usual "guilty-treat ice cream."


Ahh!! I cannot get over how delicious these are! I eat them almost everyday. Don't worry. I monitor myself and exercise. Speaking about exercising, next week's workout wednesday post will be about body conditions! Look out for it! Save you from a snack attack today? Leave your rescue story, questions, comments, and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*

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  1. Where else can you buy this? I don't have a Costco near me and I really want to try this!

    Keep up the good work girls!

    1. they have them at most supermarkets, but you have to look around! skinny cow isn't the most advertised brand so they aren't everywhere!

      thank you so much! visit our blog in the future for more posts!