Saturday, July 21, 2012

Drugstore Review ~ NYC Sun 'n Bronze Powder in Sunsational

Hey beauties!

Today I'm going to be talking about an exciting beauty find that I just picked up last week!  I'm SO happy with the results of it!  I was a bit skeptical at first because it's so new that there are hardly any reviews on it so I went off of an impulse purchase.  Not to mention that the other shades of the Sun 'n Bronze powders don't have the greatest reviews.  I've been on the hunt for the PERFECT highlighter.  In my book, my holy grail highlighter would have to give a natural luminosity and dewiness without any shimmer or glitter.  I have heard that the NYX mosaic powder in Highlighter meets this criteria, but it's been so hard to get my hands on that I decided to go on another search.  While this powder is labeled a bronzing powder, I can't imagine anyone being able to pull this shade off as a bronzer.  On the bright side, it makes an AMAZING highlighter for most skin tones!

Keep reading to get the details on this product!

Price:  $4.99
Packaging:  4/5
Overall:  4.5/5

Claim to Fame:

"New NYC SUN'n'Bronze combines best shades ever for perfectly-sun-kissed-look. "


The packaging is decent as expected with any drugstore product.  While I'm not totally in love with the tacky feeling of the plastic, I do have to say the product itself is gorgeous.  The colors are separated in this beautiful quilted pattern that is just stunning.  The downside to the packaging though is that it is easy to scratch the product with the lid if you aren't careful. 

Staying Power:

The staying power is nothing special.  While it will last you a couple of hours, it certainly won't last 24 hours (Not that anyone really wants that anyway).  I find that it will last through at least 5 hours before it starts to fade.  However, I have no problem reapplying if it's going to be a long day!


This product is not your typical white highlighter shade.  Since it is meant to be a bronzer originally, there is a bit of color to the swatch.  However, it is nothing too deep or brown for even the fairest skin tones.  Instead, when you mix the colors together it becomes this gorgeous skin toned-peachy glow that makes it look even more natural on the skin.  The colors in the palette might scare you, but don't freak out!  I almost didn't buy it because I thought that there was no way these colors would come out as a highlighter for me, but it definitely did!  I can see all skin tones wearing this, despite the tint of color.


I am proud to say that there is the least amount of shimmer in this product that there can possibly be in a highlighter!  It's just really luminous and gives an amazing highlighter glowy look.  If you look really closely there are a few micro-glitters but it is really hard to detect on the face since the luminosity just takes over.  It was hard to capture this effect on camera so therefore the picture makes it look far more glittery than in person.

The Good:
  • Highlighter minus the glitter!
  • Really luminous, dewy effect versus a disco ball look.
  • Color makes it blend into your skin for a natural glow.
  • Product looks stunning.
  • Very affordable!
  • Easy to find.

The Bad:
  • Packaging makes product easy to be scratched.
  • Won't last all day.
  • Limited edition product!


Most definitely!  I can't imagine finding a more perfect highlighter for a cheaper price!  While I find NYC products can be hit or miss, this one is definitely a hit.  It gives the most natural dewy look that is just perfect for the summer!  This is a limited edition product for the summer so I would get your hands on it ASAP before they stop selling.  I'm definitely stocking up before the end of the summer!

Have you girls ever tried the Sun 'n Bronze powder in Sunsational?  What are your favorite holy grail products?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3

FTD Disclaimer:  This post was not sponsored in any way.

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  1. This looks really nice!

  2. I really want to try this!!! :)

    1. You should totally check it out, it's amazing!<3

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe you have a different shade? I was skeptical about trying this product too because the others are just too glittery.

  4. I have this product in fire island tan and also just got it in the color above which is the sun N Bronze Hamptons Radiance, and i just swatched it and i thought the colors were really beautiful, i wasnt thrilled with the fire island one, cause that one didnt have the highlighers but they are very pretty its like a white strip of luminousity, and then two bronze and two pink highlighting colors and they are a really nice combination, the fire island one is darker, and does have a somewhat lighter shade but its mainly darker. I like this one better, they also had a limmited edition called pearl glow and it looked like a piza pie that design and every slice is a different color thats a really pretty one also.

    1. oh, cool! This one is actually Sunsational, but it looks very similar to Hamptons Radiance so they might be dupes for each other! Thanks for the tip! I really want to try pearl glow:)

  5. the product looks so pretty! i wish we had NYC makeup line where I live :(
    ppl who live in america are so lucky! great post :)

    1. thanks so much! I know, it's so unfair!

  6. It looks really pretty on skin but my face broke out really bad after a couple days of using it:/