Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tag Tuesday~ $50 Outfit Challenge- Graphic Tees

Welcome back girlies! I'm sorry I've been gone for a while but we have had some huge plans for you guys! Stay tuned for contests, giveaways and some new series we're starting! P.S. Don't forget to enter our giveaway!

We're starting to do more and more tags and I've come up with this one! A spinoff off the $20 dollar makeup challenge, but with clothes! I believe I'm the first person to do this tag so the guidelines are:

  1. Clothing and accessories (jewelry, belts, handbags, shoes etc.) must all be under $50.00. You do not have to have accessories. Just an outfit you would wear!
  2. You do not have to use full priced items. They can be bought on sale or at discount store
Everything else is free for you to choose! The theme, the purpose (Where are you going in this outfit? Is it going to be multipurpose?)

Today, I'm going to do an outfit that it perfect for a day out with your friends. It's super casual and very daring!

Keep reading for the breakdown!

Shirt- $1.99 from Marshall's SALE
Shorts- $16.80 from Forever 21

Belt- $1.50 from Forever 21- came in a pack of 3 from Forever 21- kinda cheating, but that's the price of one! :D

Bag- $18.00 from the Coach Outlet (it was marked down to $60, then another 50% off and another 40% off that! What a steal! I bought it on Black Friday, keep an eye out!)- stay tuned for a What's in my Purse!

Shoes- $3.98 from Target

Closeup of the bracelets!
Pink Evil Eye Bracelet- $1.00 from Ebay
Leather Bracelet- $1.99 from Michael's (I braided it myself! Comment if you want a DIY!)
Friendship Bracelet- $3.80 from Forever 21

Grand Total: $49.06

Barely made it! Would you guys wear this outfit? I love classic rock, so when it was destiny when I found this shirt! The 2 pieces from Forever21 are very versatile and definitely worth it! The belt can be worn for years to come and the shorts are the perfect statement! The flip flops are a Sanuk dupe, but they are just as comfortable for a fraction of the cost! I don't carry much with me in the summer, so this is all I need! Plus is was such a bargain! The bracelets are the perfect summer arm candy: bright, classic, and fun!

Are you girls going to try this tag! Leave me a link below if you do! I tag ALL OF YOU! Save you from a fashion disaster today? Leave your rescue story, questions, comments, and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!

xoxo Eve :*

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  1. Cute outfit! I'm definitely going to try this out. It will be a challenge, especially with shoes!!


    1. it was a bit of a challenge! and i still don't know how i'll do this in the winter, but i'll figure it out!

      thanks for commenting!

    2. http://nataliekslife.blogspot.com/2012/07/50-outfit-tag.html Thats the link to mine! I'd love it if you checked it out!


  2. nice!

  3. Thanks for the comment! It means a lot!!

  4. The braided bracelet is SO cute! Do a tutorial :)

    This outfit is ADORABLE. I love the shorts and the bag(definite steal!)



  5. Those bracelets are amazing! Don't you live ebay for things like that? I always wonder how they can actually make money off of it...

  6. Wow, I'm loving the DIY braided bracelet, I'd love to see a tutorial on that.
    xx, Kels


  7. cool idea! i want to do this tag now!