Thursday, July 26, 2012

MFBB (My Face But Better) ~ Natural Drugstore Products

Happy Thursday girls!

Whenever I go out and get products, 75% of the time I want something that will look extremely natural and will enhance versus cover my features.  As a result, I'm obsessed with finding some good MFBB products.  To qualify as one, a product has to have zero glitter and shimmer and should be a similar color to the feature you are enhancing.  It should really only perfect instead of add a radical new color.  These products are for a look that appears that you have no makeup on, yet you just look...better.  With that being said, let's get started!

MLBB- My Lips But Better

This is actually the lipstick that inspired the whole post!  It's L'Oreal's Peach Parfait that I snagged at CVS for 50% off!  Lip colors are one of the things that I always like to look relatively natural and this one is just perfect!  It has just the right finish where it's not too pearly or shimmery, but also not totally matte in which it looks totally unnatural.  I'm also in love with the color because it is this perfect peachy pink.  My lips are already a little pigmented which is why this color works out for me.  For a MLBB I always like to go more on the pink side versus a nude color because it's just a lot more natural looking.

MLBB- My Lids But Better

One of my favorite neutral shadows is Revlon Nude Slip.  Sometimes I don't feel like going over the top with lots of color on my lids so this one is great just to sweep on for a really natural look.  I love it because it really enhances my plain lids but doesn't look like I added color.

MCBB- My Cheeks But Better

Blush is also another thing that I like keeping really natural looking.  I'm always aiming for that flushed look versus a clown.  A really great one for this purpose is NYX Angel.  It looks a bit light in the package but the great part about it is that you can easily build it up and layer it so you can make the flush as deep as necessary for your skin tone.

MLBB- My Lashes But Better

I LOVE mascara to wear everyday, no matter the occasion.  However, sometimes I really don't want a dramatic look that shouts I'm wearing makeup.  For this purpose a new favorite of mine is the Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara.  I love it because it acts more as a lash tint than a lash builder due to the flexible, soft wand and gel formula.  This gives a really lovely natural finish that darkens your lashes so they are more visible, but doesn't create big, clumpy lashes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun post!  Do you like a natural look?  What are your favorite MFBB products?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3

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  1. this is such a cool post! :D i need that mascara <3


    1. thanks so much! I know, it's great!:)

  2. I would love it if you ladies could do a NYX blush review because I've been thinking about getting the color 'Peaches' but am unsure if I'll like it (color payoff and most importantly, staying power through out the day).

    1. sure, a NYX blush review will be up soon! stay posted!<3

  3. love that mascara but it takes so long to get it off haha

    1. I use pond's cream and it comes right off! review is in the sidebar:)