Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eve's July 2012 Wishlist

Heyhey girlies! How are you this fine young day? I'm trying out something new today, and I thought it was an amazing idea considering how many things I want, but know I can't afford! :( I've seen cravings and wishlists all around blogger so I decided to copy Kaylie and create my own wishlist on Polyvore! Tell me if you guys want more of these! I love making them and it's a little different than the pictures I take myself!

Check out all the products on Polyvore!

Here's the breakdown!

Jeffrey Campbell

First off, are a pair of shoes that I've wanted for 4-5 years counting! The Jeffrey Campbell Litas! I'm not extremely daring with my wardrobe but I feel these are not too crazy... it's just an added boost! I love the pink and orange because it fits in the bright summer trends! I feel like the black and greys are very harsh so the colors are perfect! I can't bring myself to pay this much for a pair of shoes at this point so I'll buy a knock off pair for now, and invest in them later!


Next, is probably the biggest splurge in this wishlist and.. I know... it's totally unrealistic to buy so I'll probably just drool over pictures of this baby. <3 I was introduced to Mulberry, from where other than.. Youtube! They're bags are very well made and soo classic! They can be worn with all the new trends and wear beautifully! But only in my dreams...

Rebecca Minkoff

Small crossbody bags and little clutches have been coming back this season and they are so convenient! No more sore shoulders or painful red marks! I love the look of the Rebecca Minkoff Mac clutches but I prefer the traditional MAC clutch more than the mini MAC clutch. I chose this one because it's a neutral color with a touch of glam! The studs will shine in the sun! I'm definitely a bag lady so I can see myself using this a ton because I change my purse everyday for my outfit! I'm going to try to find one in my Nordstrom Rack or TJMaxx!


I feel like this Nars Orgasm Laguna Duo is an absolute essential for every makeup collector! It's been around forever and it's gotten boatloads of praise! Although it's expensive, I've only heard good things about it and I see a future for this in my makeup collection! I haven't swatched these colors for a while, but I feel like I'm going to the the Sin Casino Duo, but either way, this sleek, convenient and functional compact will be getting some love!

Too Faced

You girls all know that I'm OBSESSED with cheek products! I have dozens that I don't need but I can't resist! I feel like this one is just one of those items that I go to Sephora and swatch, and let's not forget SMELL. It smells just like cocoa, a nice warm cup of hot chocloate! YUM YUM! There's a hefty price tag so I'll stick to my NYC bronzer, but this will be a contender when I actually NEED a bronzer! #firstworldproblems

Urban Decay

Next, is another classic item that I just haven't tried yet! Since I've started collecting, there has been an endless supply of primer at the drugstore, so I've been working my way around those! Most of mine are coming to their first birthday so it's about time to change out my eye primer and open a spot for this baby! It's huge, so it'll last a long time and be worth the price!

Too Faced

Last, but definitely not least is this gorgeous palette from Too Faced! I'm swatched the Naked Palette and the Too Faced Natural Eye and I have to say that the Too Faced has a lot more dimension and are better for my skin tone! Although it's gorgeous, I probably wouldn't get a lot of use out of it considering how many Wet n Wild eyeshadows I have and you don't get much bang for your buck! The palette might be huge, the there isn't much eyeshadow. Sorry gorgeous... staying in the shelf. :(

Are you girls thinking of getting any of these? I wish I could get all of these! UGHH SOO PRETTY... I'll just keep drooling over them until I bring myself to fork over the money! If you girls have any of these, please tell me how they are!! I'll love you forever! Save you from a fashion disaster today? Leave your rescue story, questions, comments, and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*

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  1. those jc litas are sick! the color is so neon, perfect for the summer time!
    awesome wishlist! :)


    1. i spent hours searching for these litas! i thought they were perfect too!! at least someone agrees with me! :D

      thanks for checking out our blog! I love yours too!

      xoxo Eve :*

  2. I love the purses you picked out! I think they may go on my wishlist, too!


    1. glad you like them! they're so classic and elegant and it was sooo hard choosing from all the mac clutches, but glad you like this one!

      thanks for coming to our blog!

      xoxo Eve :*

  3. this looks so fun! I love making list too! I love the mulberry bag, the too faced eyeshadow and urban decay eye primer those 3 are in my wishlist too, except I want the too faced eyebrow kit.

    1. i agree that those 3 are on the top of my list! they're so well loved that it makes me want it more!!

      we appreciate your input on our posts! keep it up! :D