Saturday, July 7, 2012

Look for Less ~ Urban Outfitters Coincidence & Chance Revel Dress

Hey girls!

Today I have an exciting "Looks for Less" post.  I love finding clothes that look identical to an expensive counterpart but for a fraction of the cost.  One of my favorite clothing stores is Urban Outfitters because of the gorgeous hispter style clothes they sell.  However, the prices can be absolutely absurd so I try to find dupes for some pieces with a nicer price tag.

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One of the biggest trends I've spotted this year was a lace dress from Urban that had short sleeves and cinched in at the waist.  It's super pretty and cute for the summer and I absolutely adore the style.  I can see it at a wedding or party as it can be dressed up or down.  While it looks good with a necklace and arm candy, it looks equally as stunning with no jewelry at all.

However, the price is not as pretty.  The original retail is $80 which I think is a little much for a casual daytime dress!  Recently, it's been marked down to $39 which is better, but still not cheap enough for me to run out and purchase one.

For some of my favorite no-guilt shopping, I love to hit Forever 21.  They always offer affordable prices for the latest on-trend pieces.  While I was browsing the other day, I stumbled across this peachy colored lace dress that looked identical to the Urban Outfitters one!  Ecstatic, I raced to the dressing room and the dress fit wonderfully.  I was afraid it wouldn't be figure hugging but it hugged my waist and flowed out at the bottom.  The best part though, was the price.  For only $15 I snagged an identical dress to the Urban Outfitter's one!

The break down:


 The pattern is similar, if not exact to the Urban Outfitter's dress.  They both have this lace covering on the dress that is in a flower/leaf pattern around the entire dress.


Both dresses also cinch in at the waist in the same location, giving the two dresses the same fit.  After the cinch, the two dresses also flow out similarly in subdued pleats that give the dresses a nice shape.


 The necklines in the two dresses are also the same in that they are both rounded and high up on the chest to give it a very conservative feel.


This is the only category where the dresses differ due to a minute difference.  If you look closely, the Urban Outfitters dress has this tiny shoulder patch on both sleeves that do not have a lace pattern while the Forever 21 dress has lace running throughout the entire dress.  However, both dresses are still very similar in their sleeves in that they both have short sleeves that just have lace and no backing underneath to give it a very chic feel.

All in all, I would say this is an excellent dupe for the Coincidence & Chance dress.  With the exception of the shoulder patch, the dresses are exactly alike in every way.  Since the Urban Outfitters dress comes in many different colors, it won't stand out that this dress is peach.  With a $15 to $39 price difference, this dupe can save a lot of money for the same style.

Do you love this look for a great daytime dress?  What are your dupes for expensive clothing?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie  <3

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  1. love the lace! i'll probably hit forever21 and check this out. thanks so much :)

    1. no problem! thanks for stopping by!:)

  2. Love this dress! Please check out my blog too comment and share and ill do the same :)