Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY ~ Tinted Moisturizer

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I have a fun DIY to share with you guys.  Foundation is one of the things that is a must-wear for me to cover up imperfections and even out coloring in my skin.  However, in the hot summer it can be a pain to have a foundation layered on your face because it can feel cakey and heavy under the warm sun.  The solution?  Tinted moisturizer.  While I love a good tinted moisturizer, sometimes it's just not ideal.  A lot of people don't have the budget to spend on both a good foundation and tinted moisturizer.  When I went traveling last week, I forgot my tinted moisturizer and came up with a quick and easy solution for a wonderful tinted moisturizer!

Let's get started!

You will need:

Any liquid foundation that's good for you.
Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage in Soft Beige  

Your favorite lotion.
Olay Age defying Anti-Wrinkle Daily SPF 15 Lotion

Step 1:

Squirt one half foundation and one half moisturizer onto a clean surface.  Even though this doesn't look like a lot, the lotion will actually spread out the foundation so that this amount can cover at least half your face.

Step 2:

Start mixing the two mediums together.  Mix until fully blended so that no white is visible.

Your tinted moisturizer should end up looking like this.

That's it!  This takes about only five more seconds than your normal foundation routine.  


It should have more of a liquidy texture than your foundation that when applied is really lightweight.

Partially blended.  The lotion makes it really easily blend-able!

Fully blended

I definitely love tinted moisturizer for the summer because it's so breathable and gives a really natural coverage while still evening out your skin tone.  Not to mention, the lotion benefits your skin even further than a foundation would by locking in the moisture in your skin during a dry summer.

I hope you girls enjoyed this quick DIY!  What are your favorite DIY beauty projects?  Are you going to try this out?  Leave a comment down below!

xoxo  Kaylie

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  1. This is so cool :) I never even thought of this!! i"m so excited to try this! Yay for DIY's!

    1. haha thanks so much! can't wait to hear how it turns out:)

  2. If my bottle of foundation is running low, I'll just squirt a few pumps of moisturizer into it & shake! That way you don't have to mix everyday, or waste the rest of your foundation. :)

  3. Wow, love your blog! alex