Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Face Routine!

Heyhey girlies! How are you this fine summer day? Sorry southern hemisphere :( As the heat is steaming up, I find my makeup melting off my face! I'm not one of those girls who wears makeup in the pool, but I do enhance my features and matten my face because it gets SUPER oily in the summer. You could probably fry an egg on my forehead! It is NOT pleasant!

My summer face routine is very simple, and natural, I just enhance my cheekbones, eyes and conceal  some circles and zits! That's it!

Step 1: First, I take a little drop, just slightly bigger than the size of a pin head usually. The majority if used for my under-eyes, and the rest I use on the imperfections of my face. To blend it all out, I use this fluffy brush from Ecotools. It is an eye blending brush, but I find this is a much more efficient use for the summer! It's from the $10 travel brush kit, and I got it on a BOGO free! It's a bargain little duo and they work like a dream! It feels super lightweight and is heavy duty! Plus the blending press won't force excess makeup on your skin so it doesn't settle in fine lines!

The rest awaits you!

Step 2: Next, to set my whole face and to bronze, I use the matte bronzing powder from NYC (New York Color), I'm sure you've read about this brand on the blog already. I find that it's excessive to use powder and bronzer because it's just caking more product on your face! I would normally dust this all over my face anyways, because it's matte, so I just run it all over my face and lightly under my eyes to set with my kabuki. I am pretty dark, so this is only about half a shade darker than my face... trust me, I don't look orange. The brush is also from the travel set!

Step 3: After that, I add a rosy color to my cheeks, even though it's hot, my cheeks don't get very red, and it distracts from the nasty sweat on my face! PEE EW! I use this other brush from the travel set and concentrate it in the middle two colors for a nice cherry blossom pink! That's probably the best way to describe it... :p The brush is flat as well so it fits nicely in the blush compact and it doesn't fly all over my cheek!

Wet n Wild Mega Glo Illuminator in Strike a Pose Rose:

Step 4: Here is the most crucial part of my makeup applying process! Defining my eyes is SOO important because it adds so much personality and energy to my face! I've been loving waterproof mascara and this one defines and lengthens like a dream! It's super natural and is just enough for summer lounging. The lash curler and mascara wand is pretty simple, I curl my eyelashes before I apply mascara, and I brush it out with the wand after to take out clumps. I do like the clumps for a dramatic look, but for the summer... I keep it clean! I sometimes follow HauteBrilliance's mascara routine! Tell her I sent you on her youtube!

Step 5: This next step is an optional step for me, it just adds a little extra definition! For a dramatic look, I just swipe the black on my upper lash line; I keep it away from the waterline and tightline so it doesn't look TOO dramatic. And the purple for a little extra UMPH! It brings out my skin and eyes (as I've seen it does for almost everyone!) and gives that added definition. If I'm in a shimmer mood, I swipe the shadow stick all over my eyes or on my cheekbones just so it catches the light!

Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow in Pixie:
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliners in Black Black and Amethyst:

I hope you guys try out these products! I'm sure you've heard plenty about most of them, from me and other beauty gurus! Dare I call myself one... Tell me what you think about them! And check out the related posts! Have a safe and FUN summer! Save you from a rescue disaster today? Leave your rescue story, questions, comments, and requests below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*

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  1. nice items and not too much for those very hot days, I don't like to put many things on my face during summer, it's the time where I do a lot of beauty care :) and I'll skip the bronzer too, I wish I can put my hands on a smashbox bb cream and my summer will complete.

    1. i agree, it's best to keep it minimal for the summer! it definitely creates a healthy canvas for the rest of the year!

      i've wanted to try the bb cream too! tell me how it is if you try it! :)