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Eve's Lookbook~ Affordable Fourth of July Outfits

Hello everyone! How are you this FABULOUS third of july.... in T- minus 5 hours... depending on when this post goes up, it will be the 4th of July!! WOOTWOOT I have to say, this is one of my favorite holidays! Not only do I get to eat nonstop for 24 hours at my family barbecue, I can also go to my friends' barbecues and have some tasting too. Let's just say I'm a food enthusiast. I'm definitely going to be running around, sitting on the grass, eating LOTS of food and watching fireworks! 

My two outfits, although very similar, a basic tank top and shorts, meet my list of requirements. They're easy to move around in and the top stretches so if I eat a little too much, I won't be suffocating. I might even have to loosen up the belt too! ...woops

My first outfit is a little understated, but still screams 4th of July. Instead of doing blue or white shorts, I chose an acid washed pair to bring in some white and blue while still not screaming LOOK I'M AN AMERICAN FLAG! The red tank is basic and comfortable and the necklace gives it a nautical edge. To cuten up the outfit I added a denim headband with a bow! Almost house on the prairie like! SO CUTE! 
Headband: Claire's
Tank top: WetSeal
Belt: American Eagle
Shorts: Delia's

Get the closeup next! Keep reading!

How cute is this denim headband with little pink and white polka dots?!

Here it is again! This nautical necklace with charms adds sass to every outfit! BAM POW

When I'm staying outside at night watching fireworks, it always gets a little chilly! This cute nautical sweater will be perfect for tomorrow!

Sweater: H&M
Belt and shorts listed above

This is for the girl who really wants to show her patriotism without going Betsy Ross! It's cute and dainty but definitely festive! This is the outfit I will probably end up wearing tomorrow because it's bright and loud and fun! The bright teal tank top modernizes the classic red white and blue, and the DIY duct tape bow will definitely catch some attention! I'll sizzle more than the grill! ;)

Bow: DIY
Tank top: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Bracelets (from top to bottom): Forever 21, Macy's, Local boutique

Here it comes again! You don't want to freeze your bum off at night! It will not be fun waking up the next day with a cold! Pack that sweater!

Sweater, shorts, belt and bracelets: stated above

Tips for a busy Independence Day outfits!
  1. Don't wear clothes that are flowy if you plan on running around or standing my the grill. You don't want the fabric to get snagged or caught in the BBQ. You want to be hot, but not that hot!
  2. Make sure you don't have too many elements to your red, white and blue, clashing is not in!
  3. Make your outfits versatile! If you're going to stay out late, bring clothes for the chilly weather!
  4. Stay modern and bright! Nothing says "Hey, I'm fun!" more than a fashionable girl with an eye-catching outfit on! Let your personality shine! You don't want to go out looking like a Revolutionary War soldier! There's a reason shoulder pads are out!
  5. Incorporate some trends! Make this year's Independence Day count! You're definitely going to make some memories so dress for 2012! Do some color blocking, stack some bracelets, wear colored shorts! Who says you have to wear the same thing year after year? Change it up!
You're going to look FABULOUS tomorrow! Don't doubt yourselves! I have all my plans ready and the BBQ is waiting for me! Save you from a fashion disaster today? Leave your rescue story, questions, comments, and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*

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