Friday, July 6, 2012

Tutorial~ Makeup Brush Cleansing

Heyhey girlies! How was your day? I'm at home all ready to blog and I have a VERY important post for all you makeup collectors out there! We all love putting on makeup and giving ourselves that extra little boost, but we want our skin to feel good! I think I hear your skin crying! Have you been washing your brushes lately? Germs and bacteria build up in those things faster than skyscrapers in New York City! You need to make a brush cleaning schedule; wash your eye brushes every week and face brushes every 1-2 weeks. Your skill will be thanking you!

What you'll need:

1. Some dirty makeup brushes! You'll need to give them a good wash if you've been changing colors with your brushes, been using them for over a week, or there's too much product in your brush.

Keep reading! Keep reading! We're dirty!

2. Some clean napkins, paper towels, or a towel. You'll need to wipe off the product from your brush as it's being washed.

3. A dish with a mix of 50% dish soap and 50% water. I personally think I heavy duty dish soap does the best job, but you can use baby shampoo. But remember baby shampoo is supposed to be gentle but dish soap kills 99.9 percent of germs! Remember you're cleaning the brushes, not your face! 
I recommend you change the water and soap for every brush because the product and germs from the previous brush will still be in the water!

How to:

Step 1: First take on of the dirty brushes and swirl it in the water and dish soap mixture until it lathers up. Remember you want to have enough water because a big powder brush, like this one, will absorb LOTS of water. As you are doing this, do step 2 too!
Don't forget to change the water!

Step 2: As you are swirling your brush around, periodically  squeeze out the water in the brush and swipe it on the napkin so the product doesn't stay in the product. Keep swirling, squeezing and swiping until there is only clear water on the napkin when you swipe the brush. Then you're ready for step 3! 

No that the is not the color of the floor showing through the napkin. That is the 
bronzer that cam out of my brush! EW!

Step 3: After you brush has no more product showing up on the napkin, take it to the sink to rinse out the soap. Remember that a big brush like this absorbed a lot of water, and therefore A LOT of soap.
You have to keep running under room temperature water. Not too cold or not or the glue will loosen and bristles will fall out! Keep squeezing the brush until no more soap comes out. Remember to be careful with those hairs! You don't want them falling out! Be patient with this! This brush took about 10 minutes of rinsing!

I don't have a picture for this step, because I only have 2 hands. :P

Step 4: After you're done washing all your brushes, repeating steps 1-3 with a new dish of soap and water, you're ready to dry your brushes. I leave them on a windowsill over night.
If you have Brushguards, you should put them on your brush so the shape doesn't change. I personally don't have them so I just made sure I shaped out all the brushes. Flattened out my cheek and concealer brushes and tapered my blending and kabuki brushes. Make sure there isn't too much pressure in one spot, or they will be  morphed! UH OH! Balance them jussstt right!
Keep the hairs pointing down because you don't want the water getting in the barrel and breaking up the glue! There's nothing worse then having your brushes fall apart.. SUCH A WASTE OF MONEY! After a few hours, your brushes should be fresh and clean! I usually leave them overnight so the sun can do some sterilizing of the brush and then every bit of water will evaporate!

Quick Tips:
  1. Separate your dirty brushes from your clean ones so the germs down spread!
  2. Keep your everyday brushes separate so they're easier to reach and so you don't have to go searching for them when its time to clean!
  3. Spot clean your brushes between colors or everyday to push back to a biweekly cleaning!

I better see you guys using clean brushes! The germs and bacterias on your brushes can also get you sick or infected or make you break out! There are soo many benefits to deep cleaning your brushes on schedule! 1-2 weeks for face brushes and every week for eye brushes! Even if you don't use them everyday! The microbes are still multiplying! Save you from a beauty disaster today? Leave your rescue story questions, comments, and requests in the comment section below. Stay beautiful!
xoxo Eve :*

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